Why Traditional Restaurant Marketing No Longer Works!

Today, I have a really quick video, but it kind of goes in depth about what you're doing with your ad dollars. Whether you're spending money on direct mail, sending mailers to every door in your area, or doing billboards or running radio ads or TV ads, whatever you're doing to market your restaurant. That's what I want to talk about today, because I think there's a big misconception as to what's working and what's not working and what's spending ad dollars the right way versus the wrong way. And just kind of putting into your head a little thought of "am I spending money to market my restaurant the correct way." I have a graphic made up to show you guys, and we're going to talk about what traditional restaurant marketing looks like and versus what we're doing here at Total Hatch Media & Marketing.

So, you'll see on here, there's three boxes, your ad dollars building an audience and your sales. So first we're going to look at the bottom where it says with traditional marketing, you rent an audience. So think about it this way. When I go to a direct mail company and I say, I want to spend, X amount and I want to reach this many people and you create up your, your graphic that, you know, it's a similar size to this and you send it out every door mail, you're renting an audience, right?

You're talking to the same people every time you send out that mailer. And if it's a coupon for $5 off, you're training your customers to expect the coupon. So every time they get that mailer, or they know that every month they get an offer from you in their mailbox, or they see a billboard... they're expecting that. Now, with traditional marketing, you're training your customers to expect an offer to come in. I don't want to go into that restaurant unless I get my mailer that says I have X amount of dollars off of my order.

Right now, every time you want more sales, you have the spend money.

But what I want to do is talk about what we're doing a Total Hatch and our strategy, and you'll see, these arrows move a little bit differently where we're spending money on Facebook and Instagram and some other platforms, and we're building an audience. So now we own an audience. We own their email, their phone number, the ability to message them on Facebook. Do they come on Saturdays? Do they come on Thursdays? Are they working near the restaurant? Or are they living near the restaurant? Are they coming with their friends? Are they coming with their family? We can find out when their birthday is. And then, with all that data, we can also run highly targeted retargeting, Facebook ads that target these people, very in depth, based on all of the info that we have about them.

So that's, in a quick nutshell, what we're doing. We're spending money to build an audience that you own so that whenever you want to have more sales in your restaurant, we can send a message out to those people and talk to them directly.

Rather than having to talk to the same people, we can talk to new people and bring in new people. We can also talk to existing customers and get them to visit more frequently. But, with the traditional marketing you're using now, you're talking to everyone the same exact way, and you're marketing to the same people. Every time you send out that piece of direct.

With the Total Hatch Strategy, we add a few extra steps in there and make it a well oiled machine to build a database of customers.

We can talk to existing customers based on people who have come in and spent money with you. Or, we can talk to just the college students or, just the parents that have young kids, or just the people that work near your restaurant or, the people have an upcoming birthday

There's a lot of different audiences that we can talk to. And the way that we talk to those people are a lot different. For example, I have a girlfriend, no kids. So the way that you talk to me is a lot different than you would talk to my dad who has two kids and is married and doesn't work near your restaurant that's across the street. So there's a lot of different ways that you talk to these people. And that's the bottom line here.

How are you reaching these people? Are you spending money to reach these people every time you want more people to come in and spend money and eat with you, or are you spending money once and then contacting them for free? That's what we do here at Total Hatch. It's really that simple.


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