The 3 Ways To Increase Your Restaurant's Sales

Restaurant owners. There's three ways for you to increase the sales at your restaurant. And that's what I want to talk about today. I have a graphic, attached below...

So the three ways to increase your restaurant sales are through new customers, repeat customers and increasing your average check. So we'll kick it off with the first box there that says new customers, new customers, like we talked about can not be relied on by traditional marketing methods because every dollar you spend may not bring in a new person. It may just bring someone in that has already been a guest in your restaurant. You need a system for new customers. (Like The programs we offer).

Then, moving over to the next box to the right is repeat customers. You need a database of customers to drive, repeat visits. You can't be hoping and praying that these people are going to come back again and again, you need to be able to talk to them directly, talk to them by knowing everything about them like where they live, Do they live or work near the restaurant or, Do they dine here for lunch or dinner? Or, if you're a breakfast spot, are they only coming for breakfast or not lunch? We need to know these things so that we can drive these repeat visits and turn new customers into repeat customers.

Then after that, after we have a database of customers, we can start to increase our average check. We can do that a few different ways, but right off the bat, I want to tell you that you can not rely on your staff to increase the average check of your restaurant for you because it is simply not going to happen. You need to have a database of customers where we can suggest new items that they wouldn't normally order.

Is your lunch menu less expensive than your dinner menu? So then, we can drive some more dinner sales throughout the week and make more money that way. Are we trying to get them to spend money on different foods or add an appetizer or buy a dessert? There's many different ways that we can increase the average check through a database.

I'm going to reiterate and go back to the beginning.

New customers... We need a system for acquiring new customers. Getting new people in and spending our ad dollars once to get new people in and not spending the same money over and over every time we want new customers.

Then turning those new people into repeat customers through a database, building a database of customers, where we know all of the information you can imagine like their birthday, do they live or work near the restaurant. Do they only dine there for lunch. Do they only dine there for dinner? Are they coming in with their friends or they're coming with their family. There's endless amounts of data that we can capture through these people to drive repeat visits.

We can't hope and pray that Joe Schmo had a good meal and is going to come in and spend money again next week. We need to be able to talk to Joe and say "Hey Joe, why don't you come in another time or try this appetizer?" Or, "Hey, we just tapped a new beer come on in and enjoy it with your wife!"

I hope you found this valuable and I hope you follow my page.

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